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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - J.R.R. Tolkien (Rich's review)

The Lord Of The Rings was written by J.J.R Tolkien and the books were released July 29 1954, November 11 1954, and Oct 20th 1955. He died at age 81, 18 years after the last book of The Lord Of The Rings was released.

     The relationship between the elves and the dwarfs isn't good. But on the adventure with Frodo and his companions, he also brings along a dwarf named Gimli, and an elf named Legolas, which become great friends along the way. They become great friends along the way because they have to work together to bring to ring to Mount Doom to destroy it, and they have to come together and help the rest of Frodo's companions. They also lose friends along the way, which sets them even closer together. What I think the author is trying to tell through this, is that you don't always have to follow the rest of the group, you can spread out and try new things, just like Gimli and Legolas became friends, their groups would not have agreed with the relationship.

     Boromir struggled with the temptation of the Ring the most, and he had a lot of reason to. His father wanted the ring to use it as a weapon against the enemy, which is why Boromir was sent to go on the voyage to Mount Doom. He also felt Aragorn shouldn't have the ring, mainly because Aragorn was the real king to Gondor, and Boromir's dad was only a caretaker. He felt that if Aragorn got the Ring, he would take back his realm and become very powerful with the ring. He also thought that the Hobbits shouldn't have it, since they were the least experienced with weapons and traveling, and the outside world. The result of all of this was him being tempted by the ring, causing him to try to steal it from Frodo. While he was trying to get the ring from Frodo, orcs attacked and killed him, but in his last moments, he fought to keep two of the hobbits safe, Merry and Pippen.

     In the end, the friendship between Legolas and Gimli shows that you can find friends anywhere, and to not let others dictate what friends you have and what you do in your life. There are many just like Boromir that let their greed take over their lives, and I think this is a warning to not get greedy. I thought this was a very good book, but in some places the got into to much detail.
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