Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Declaration of Independence (Thomas Jefferson)

Rich says:

I think this was a good idea for them, even though they were kind of forced to do it, It ended up well. What my dad and I think is funny about this is that Thomas Jefferson seems to get more mad the more he writes. This was well written, but a little confusing when you don't know all the words he's saying.
They knew when they sent this to England that it would start a war, and cost many people their lives. Can you imagine the stress Thomas Jefferson was under when he was writing this? They had good excuses for their independence, and this is just me, but I also think the King was stupid. The reason I believe he was stupid is that he sent armies into the colonies, cut off their trade, he broke his own laws, and didn't let them have a fair trials, and taxed them relentlessly, and thought that they wouldn't rebel. If he hadn't gone overboard with "protecting them" and all of the things above, he would have continued to receive taxes from them, and trade goods.

Brennan says: 

The Declaration Of Independence is a bunch of reasons to break up with Britian and to show how bad the king was being.
I think it was right to make The Declaration Of Independence because the king was having people fight each other and had soldiers go into peoples houses and live there for how ever long they wanted. 
I like how the writer got madder and madder as he wrote and insults the king at the end.
Tell me what you liked about it if you want :).
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