Friday, February 13, 2015

The Odessey - Homer (Rich's review)

This book was written a long time ago by Homer in 1188 BC. This book was written 10 years before the destruction of Troy. My favorite parts where the Sirens, and Poseidon's Cows.

     Odysseus and his men came up and landed on a island with huge cows. His men wanted to butcher the cows, and eat them and take meat for the rest of the journey. Odysseus said that it was not their cows, and they would not take them unless they asked first. He took a nap, and later he woke up to beef being cooked, one of his men said that they would rather die on a full belly rather on a empty one. Poseidon came, and was very angry, because these were his cows, they hurried up into their ship, and sailed away in the now rough and tough storm that Poseidon had summoned.

     They knew they where about to pass the Sirens, deadly vultures that lure saliors in and eat them, with their buitiful singing. Odysseus wanted to hear these songs, so he had one of his crew tie him to the mast, and as they sailed by the sirens, with all of the crew with ear plugs in, beside Odysseus, he screamed for them to take to shore, and meet these sirens. They ignored him, and sailed past, after they were almost out of sight, Odysseus saw what he was begging to go to, black evil vultures.

     Even though these two are just a very few of the adventures that Odysseus and his crew had to go through on his way home, these were my two favorites of the stories. He eventually makes it home, after more nightmares and losing ships and his crew mates.

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