Friday, February 13, 2015

The Lost World - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Rich's Review)

The Lost World was realeased in 1912, the author is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who is also the author of the famous Sherlock Homles stories. In this book, a journalist goes on an adventure to prove that there are dinosaurs in the real world, but has challenges to face along the way.

     Journalist Ed Malone is looking for adventure, danger, and excitment. He gets a taste of it all when he meets Prof. Chalanger who shows him a bone of a paradactal. Chalanger tells Ed that he wants to prove that there are dinosaurs, and they are still living. He puts his case to the Zoological institute and tries to convince everyone that there are dinosaurs, but a bone is not enough. So Ed and Chalanger go on a adventure with other companions to find dinosaurs. His companions are Chalanger, Lord Roxton, Gomez, and Summerlee.

     They take a boat to the island with the dinosaurs, they land, and they reconize on their map there was a bridge at the top of a cliff.  Gomez has been a help up untill now. He gets up the mountain first, hurries across the bridge, and cuts the rop holding it up. Since the cliff is almost impossible to climb down, he leaves them trapped. Gomez had a brother who had been shot by Lord Roxton, one of their companions. Gomez wants revenge, and he takes his chance.

     They climb out a very dangorous way, but they make it. Gomez is nowere to be seen, but they continue with their quest. They are assaulted by Man-Apes. Summerlee is hurt in the defense, but they fend them off, and continue. They meet Indians that are hunting the Man Apes, and the group decides to kill all of the Man-Apes before they assault them again. The group and the Indians attack and kill the Man-Ape group. While wandering, they find a group of paradactials. Summerlee is hurt again, but they capture a paradactyl. They head back home, where the dinosaurs are accepted as a living species.

     I thought this book was OK. The characters were not as likeable as they could have been, it didnt seem that they had much personalaity. Other than that, I thought the book had a good plot, and a lot of action.

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